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Why is steel pricing going up?

June 3, 2021

Latest company news about Why is steel pricing going up?

Because some reasons, the price of steel keep going up very quickly.


We summarized the following points:
1. Pandemic did not disappear. The international iron ore production capacity are more and more shortage,

and sea freight for iron ore also jumpped up too quickly.

2. At same time, The monetary policy and financial strategy of the United States has accelerated the rise of

bulk products and the depreciation of the US dollar.

3.Although chinese government already start to control the bulk cargo price, price came more stable.

But still market have big pressure to get price increase again.
Because International capital has been increasing its speculative behavior to boost product price increases and inflation.

4. Steel prodcution capacity did not increase but will be shortage in following several month.

Stock of steel are reducing.

In general speaking, the cargo price will be increasing for long time as it is the trend of economic. It is a great chanlenge.

In June, you could see the price keep lower and stable than before.


We should catch the chance since goverment take high power to control the steel price from steel factory.

But you know, market is there, people all know steel material is most basic material .
Price will go up if market will still need them.


Why is steel pricing going up?

Why is steel pricing going up?

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