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Flat Pack Container Accommodation Finished In the Philippines!

May 10, 2021

Latest company news about Flat Pack Container Accommodation Finished In the Philippines!

Project location: Cebu, Philippines
Camp construction: Henan Khome Steel Structure
Project Usage: Worker Dormitory
Building area: 66 sqm


Flat Pack Container Accommodation Built in Cebu, Philippines


Project Situation
 Construction Area  66 sqm
 Building Storeys  2 floors
 Product Type  Flat Pack Container
 Climate Type  Cebu has a typical tropical maritime climate, with dry and wet seasons throughout the year.
 The dry season is from March to June every year, and the weather is hot and drier.
 July-February is the wet season, and the weather is rainy and humid. The annual average temperature is 24-34°C, and the humidity is 70-80%.




1. The project uses Porta Cabin Container, which has complete indoor facilities and all facilities are provided by us.
All components are pre-produced in the factory and directly installed on site.
Fully saving transportation space and installation time.
Moreover, Flat pack container can be recycled many times, which fully realizes the most cost-effective.


2. For the problem of heavy rain in Cebu: 

We upgrade the roof panel into a roof structure system, so the roof is now much durable than the previous sandwich panel.

There are also 4 big water gutters to store rainwater and flow naturally. And there are 4 drainpipes in each column,

so the rainwater will flow from the roof steel sheet, into the water gutters, at last flow from the drainpipes orderly.


Flat Pack Container Accommodation Finished In the Philippines!

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